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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Do’s and Don’t of Texting in your Relationship!!!

Hey, is she angry on you? Not talking to you….Feeling Numb!!! Need Solution?????
Well, I am not here to brag on relationships just wanna share my feelings and thought about “texting” which helped me a lot in keeping my relationship warm and cool. I know everybody in this world feels low in his or her relationship and that time texting comes to rescue and proves boon for our generation, i.e. when we are having trouble with your girlfriend or even with any of our family members, it eases out the tension and love prevails.
Have a look on the below mentioned tips which will improve your text life.

Texting Do’s-
     Text Sweet nothings – In today’s world, everyone is busy in their crazy schedules and it becomes hard to even send an email or to pick up the phone.  So, what to do? The best answer is texting. Just type in a short text like “Hey...I Miss U” or “Thinking of You” can bring a sweet smile on the face of your love and suddenly happiness will surround you too when you get a sweeter reply. The whole world is at your feet and you cherish that moment every time when you are at a rush.
     When you are far or long-distanced- I know you are far away from your angel and feeling lonely. At the same time, maintaining a long-distance relationship is very tuff sometimes but sending text can really create a

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trust and Healthy Personal Boundaries – Keys to Strong and Lasting Relationships

Think very well before committing to a relationship and assess the advantages and disadvantages. This applies not just among lifelong partnerships like marriage but also to shorter relationships. Even if couples consider having a one night stand, trust still matters.

People thinking about marriage must question everything before committing and think very well. Is there enough trust for spending your whole lives together? Will you feel safe and happy every single day in marriage? Will there be comfort and understanding?

As couples, think about your future plans and then reassess again. Try rethinking it, alone or with a good friend, not with your partner. Never hesitate to ask family members and friends, or even a psychological advisor. It is not just money that is at stake, it is your whole life.

Every long term commitment will go through trials and feelings can be hurt. That is inevitable. Do you have an idea on what’s going to happen when you have been through such phase? Will there be enough trust to fix things? What is your vision for your relationship after trials have settled once more? Will you cut the connection because you are hurt or are you willing again to try re establishing the bond?

There is one greater topic behind all these queries. This is the topic of setting and having personal boundaries. If one’s personal boundaries are too weak, this will surely bring conflicts leading to much bigger problems.

Know your personal boundaries:

Boosting Confidence – Two Ways to Become Your Best Ever Self

Building self-confidence is something people all need to work on. Listed below are two most effective approaches for boosting selfconfidence.

If you have always wanted to take full control of your life, then focus to discover how straightforward it is to boost your confidence and self esteem at the same time.

Work to Improve Your Looks

Building confidence is the key to anybody’s success and it is not just about asking you to become a narcissist or someone who is all “pride”, but just to acknowledge that the way you present yourself to the public has a great influence on your confidence.

If you like going out in the morning dressed poorly and looking a little sloppy, then you will probably not feel good about yourself, think again. Consider how others might view your looks.

Thus, one of the best techniques for boosting confidence is to take daily action to enhance your looks in a good and healthy way. Try these tricks and check how well they work to your advantage:

Prepare a week’s worth of clothes every weekend, and be sure that you can be proud to be seen wearing them in public. Prevent wearing sports gear or tatty outfits. Keep in mind that it is not the cost or brand labels that determine whether you must be proud to put on clothes.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Did He Cheat?

Eternal happiness is never promised in any relationship. During courtship, you may be promised of the stars, the sun or even the whole galaxy, but never eternal happiness because there is no such thing as such. Saying ‘yes’ to a relationship is a commitment and it is taking the responsibility to give your best shot just to make it work. However, many relationships do not work because of one major mistake—infidelity. Definitely, it is difficult to rise above this very heart-breaking event and a lot of couples do not really get to survive the aftermath of an affair, while some continue in their journey and succeed in making their relationship stronger.
Nevertheless, when unfaithfulness strikes, it is important that one accepts the blame while the other reflects on what really went wrong. It always takes two to tango, and this applies even when the relationship is at its rockiest. A relationship is like a domino effect. There are always consequences from one’s action that can affect the balance of the whole relationship.

Appreciation and Lack Thereof
A lot of men may be tempted to take a right turn before heading home because of sex, but what really makes a secret affair last is because most men tend to feel lost, unloved and unappreciated in their own relationship. A simple ‘thank you’ for his hard work and his efforts to provide for your family and give you the best of him is enough to make him feel more energized and motivated, ladies. Often times, the simple things are the ones that really matter, and it’s these simple things that made him fall in love with you in the first place, so there is no reason for you to stop. Do not wait for other women to give him what he needs and wants. Rather, be the woman he loved and he will never lose interest in.

Most couples who are in their 4th or 5th year in marriage tend to concentrate too much on their children and 


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